Mortgage Calculator

The Benefits of Using a Mortgage Calculator

Deciding that you are ready to apply for a mortgage is a huge step to take, and making sure that you are in a position to make necessary repayments is the first thing that you should consider. There are a number of mortgage providers who will be happy to extend their services, but choosing the right one and then taking the necessary steps to ensure that they will accept your application will depend on a few factors. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using a mortgage calculator to give you both the best chance of acceptance and get you the right deals for the length of your desired repayment plan.

Calculating what you can afford

A mortgage calculator will help you to see how much money you could borrow from your chosen provider and what the repayments could look like based on your personal circumstances. Most mortgages will require monthly payments, but there are weekly and even fortnightly options for those who wish to pay their home loan off more frequently. Shorter loan terms will have different repayment systems and interest rates than longer term loans, so making use of a good mortgage calculation tool could arm you with all of the necessary information before you make any ill-informed arrangements.


Budgeting for a home loan

Entering financial factors such as your deposit amount, how much you’d like to borrow and current interest rates into a calculator can show you exactly what you can expect to borrow, and this can help you to budget for your home loan. As most banks and lenders require a set percentage of the overall loan amount in the form of a deposit, you will have a better idea of where you need to be financially before you apply.

A deposit offers security for your lender, but it will also work to reduce the amount that you have to pay back, and can dictate the overall duration of the loan. It’s a good idea to define your deposit amount and then top it – after all, having less to pay off in the long run will only stand to benefit you.

Estimate interest rates

One of the biggest benefits of using a calculator is the ability to estimate the interest rates for your chosen mortgage type. Fixed rate mortgages are better suited to some individuals and so using a calculator can help you to gauge when rates are at their lowest throughout the year. Holding out for a better rate can save you money, but may take a bit more time to acquire.

Many homeowners opt for variable interest rates for their mortgages, as these will fluctuate throughout the duration of the loan. Although lenders try to keep variable rates as steady as possible, there may be times where they can fall – and equally rise. A mortgage calculation tool can help you to choose the bank or broker with the best rates, helping you to easily shop around before you commit.